Steampunkers at Cites des Arts in Lafayette, La., November 2012.
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Arkansas confederate at Raymond/Vicksburg. October 2012.
A newlywed couple I photographed in New Orleans at Scott Edwards Gallery during Photonola in December 2014.  Shown below are 2 more images from that session.
Click OK to see more images  from a show at Scott Edwards Gallery in New Orleans.

I am available for tintype and ambrotype portraits using the technology of the 1800s called wet-plate photography. For more details on this process, click on the FAQs page shown above. Contact me at

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Images from past events....
Mother and child at Sugar Fest at the West Baton Rouge Museum, October 2014.
Zouave reenactor at Battle of Pleasant Hill, La., reenactment, April 2014. I colored his hat and shirt with pastel powder, the same technique used by photographers of the 1800s.